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Colorado Woman Faked Pregnancy - Kidnapped Wisconsin Sister’s Newborn Baby

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Blood is said to be thicker than water unless it is an alleged half deranged sister that wants to steal your newborn baby. According to the Chicago Tribune, a Colorado woman decided to fake her own pregnancy then set into a motion a plan to steal her sister’s 6-day-old boy. It appears that Kristen Smith, 31, of Denver had begun to lay the details out on her Facebook page concerning her fake pregnancy before she is alleged to have acted on stealing her sister’s precious baby.

Evidently decent family values and respecting boundaries must have been missing in Smith’s definition of what sisterly love truly is when she visited her sister’s home and then hightailed it to Iowa with the baby.

When the police found the missing woman and kidnapped baby Kayden Powell, the car was stocked with “blankets, baby clothing, a car seat, a stroller and other related items,” reported the Chicago Tribune. Interestingly enough when she had been questioned by police, “Smith denied any knowledge of the baby's whereabouts,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

The comforting part of the kidnapping ordeal is that the baby was found by the police unharmed and in seemingly good health, reported the police at a Friday news conference.

The woman who allegedly kidnapped her niece has now been charged with kidnapping by prosecutors and as G.B. Jones, the FBI's acting special agent in charge in Milwaukee, put it "We're all very fortunate this baby is alive," reported The Chicago Tribune.

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