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Colorado woman dies from alternative breast cancer treatment

A woman, whose name is withheld for privacy, died from an alternative breast cancer treatment, reports ABC News on Jan. 8, 2014. The cause of death for the Colorado woman was partially due to cesium injections. She reportedly had refused a biopsy on a lump found in her breast. Instead, she decided to take cesium chloride pills and other supplements to treat her cancer. Doctors say that she had advanced breast cancer that spread to her lymph nodes.

True cause of death

The Colorado woman’s cause of death was due to a multiple of conditions. Her advance stage breast cancer had spread to the lymph system. There were very high levels of cesium chloride in her system. Cesium chloride can cause cardiac events, and neuromuscular problems. It appears that both conditions contributed to her death. She was 61.

Cesium supplements

The American Cancer Society says this about cesium chloride;

“Proponents claim the pH inside of tumor cells is usually very low, or acidic, compared to normal cells, and that cesium chloride supplements raise the pH level of tumor cells to a normal level, which slows the cancer's growth. Since proponents claim cesium chloride works by raising the pH of the tumor cells, its use in therapy has been called "high pH therapy."

This is not the same cesium used in radiation therapy. Cesium chloride, chemical name CsCl, is a rare occurring element of alkali metal. It is similar in composition to lithium, sodium, and potassium, which is why the body is able to absorb it so well. Radioactive cesium is cesium-137. They are very different from one another.

Cesium chloride is available in tablet or liquid form. The latter is used for injections. There is no scientific evidence that high Ph therapy works. No clinical trials have been conducted to date.

Cesium chloride poses health risks. It is associated with causing life-threatening heart arrhythmia, seizures, loss of consciousness, and electrolyte imbalance.

Supplements like cesium chloride are not regulated they way prescription drugs are. You are never sure what is in the bottle or how pure the ingredients are.

Did supplements kill her

This Colorado woman refused all traditional medical help—it was her right to do so. By refusing a biopsy, she had no idea if she was truly dealing with cancer or not. The cesium chloride could have put her into cardiac arrest or caused other problems however, her advanced stage breast cancer was going untreated. It was only a matter of time before cancer would have taken her life.

Anyone dealing with cancer should speak with several doctors before embarking on a treatment method. There is a place for supplements and Eastern medicine in cancer treatment. However, popping vitamins and supplements alone will not cure cancer. Patients should be aware of that before they decide on an alternative method of treatment.

Lynda Altman was diagnosed with breast cancer in Nov. 2011. She is passionate about women’s health issues and helping all women get access to accurate healthcare information. Lynda writes a blog called Homeschooling When Mom has Cancer. Get notices when this page is updated by clicking on the subscribe link, by email, or contact Lynda @fusgeyer on Twitter.

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