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Colorado veterinarians see a rise in marijuana eating stoner dogs

A Denver CBS affiliate (Channel 4) is reporting a recent increase in visits from dog owners. Coincidentally, the increase began after January 1, which is also the date when Colorado legalized marijuana this year.

Veterinarians in Colorado are seeing a rash of sick dogs that have eaten their owner's marijuana.
Photo by Sion Touhig/Getty Images

The VCA Animal Hospital treats animal emergencies 24 hours a day. Since legalizing marijuana in Colorado, owners aren’t doing a good enough job to keep Rover or Butch away from the family marijuana stash.

Family dogs are finding their owners weed and eating it. Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald of VCA Alameda East Veterinary Hospital tells Channel 4 news that dogs are locating the baked products.

Although edible marijuana is meant for human consumption, it affects dogs differently. Since dogs weigh less than people, marijuana can sit in their system for days and cause disorientation, seizures, and temporary comas. Dr. Fitzgerald says owners should immediately take their dog to a veterinarian if it eats marijuana. Complete details about this story can be found on the Channel 4 News website in Denver.

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