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Colorado Veg Fest 2014 fast approaching

Colorado Veg Fest 2014 starts July 5
Colorado Veg Fest 2014 starts July 5
A Vegan Life

Veg Fest 2014 promises a wide array of activities, vendors and presentations for vegans, vegetarians and the “veg curious”. The “veg curious” were by far the largest group at last year’s event, which took place in Golden. “Veg-curious” mean anyone who has some sincere interest in learning about what a vegetarian and vegan lifestyle is like.

This year’s Veg Fest will take place on July 6th and 7th at the Jefferson County Fairground in Golden. This year’s vendors include more that purveyors of vegetarian foods and promoters of animal rights and animal welfare. More and more, the idea of a plant-based diet is connected with the concept of environmental conservation. Whether one is concerned with animal rights or not, the mathematical conclusion that plant-based foods require less natural resources to produce verses animal-based foods has helped bolster the cause for veganism.

A vegan is defined as a person who consumes no animal products-not for clothing or household goods. A “dietary vegan” is a person who eats no animal products but who may still purchase non-food items that may include animal products. A “vegetarian” is a person who eats no animal flesh but may eat eggs and dairy products.