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Colorado teen in critical condition after setting himself on fire

Police investigate latest Colorado school tragedy.
Police investigate latest Colorado school tragedy.

Westminster,CO police are seeking answers as to why an unidentified 16-year old set himself on fire at Standley Lake High School early this morning in what appears to be an attempted suicide. The teen suffered severe burns and is in critical condition. The only other person to suffer any sort of injury was a female teacher who suffered minor cuts when she broke a pane of glass to get at a fire extinguisher, which was then used by a janitor to put out the fire.

According to a report by ABC News affiliate KMGH, Columbine High School (scene of amass shooting that killed 13 people in 1999) and several other schools in the same district as Standley Lake High were placed on high security alert Thursday, but did not say whether they were connected in any way to this student’s attempt to torch himself. They also stated that the alerts were lifted the same day.

In the meantime local Police Investigator Cheri Spottke told the station that authorities did not have word of any threats ahead of time, but it is a question they are looking into.

"We're taking the most precautionary measures. Nowadays with everything that happens in these schools, we're going to go through the entire school- room by room, floor by floor, to make sure there's not any other devices or anything like that."