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Colorado state legislature ponders bill that could raise tuition further


Colorado legislators are considering a measure that would grant more autonomy to state schools.  The move is partly a response to the ongoing fiscal crisis, which has diminished state coffers.

As part of State Senate bill 10-003, individual university’s would be granted enhanced supervisory authority.  According to the bill’s language, individual boards of regents would be granted  “general supervision of the university and control and direction of all funds of and appropriations to the university”

In other words, schools will have greater flexibility in making fiscal decisions.  One important component of this greater autonomy would be in the realm of setting tuition.

Although the bill does not explicitly mention it, raising tuition is a logical outcome.  With next year’s projected $300 million in further cuts to higher education (50% of the current total), state universities will need to find other revenue sources. 

If passed, senate bill 10-003 would allow for that source to take shape in the form of higher tuition.

For more information, read the text of senate bill 10-003


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