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Colorado Springs bipartisan effort to stop political vandalism

Just one example of vandalism on political signs in Colorado
Just one example of vandalism on political signs in Colorado

With reports of vandalism spreading across the country based on political views it is no surprise that Colorado Springs has had similar incidents. Whether your a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, you likely have fallen victim, or have at least heard of someone he has fallen victim to political vandalism.

Colorado Springs is a place of diverse points of view, we have a little bit of everything. This is usually a great thing, as we gain aspects from multiple cultures, but it can turn ugly as well. There have been yard signs vandalized by people of opposing viewpoints across Colorado Springs and both Republican and Democrat parties in the city agree, it has to stop.

"All that vandalism does is leave trash lying around our beautiful city. There is no need for either side to be doing this sort of thing,” El Paso County Republican Party chair Eli Bremer said according to Fox21 News. Mr. Bremer is right, whether or not you agree with your neighbors political views doesn't matter, and vandalism is still a crime. "Emotions run high during the election season, and we all want to support our candidates," El Paso County Democratic Party chair Kathleen Ricker said in a statement in the same article by Fox21 News.

Keep in mind that part of what makes our country and community great is diversity and the ability to have your own opinions. Republican, Democrat or any other party, please remember to respect those around you and not commit criminal acts against someone simply because they do not believe the same as you do. If you see anyone committing acts of vandalism or have any information on an incident, please contact Colorado Springs Police at (719) 444-7000.


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