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Colorado’s Rockledge Ranch Offers Outdoor History

In Colorado Springs, there exists an historical site called Rockledge Ranch. Off of 25-S on 1401 Recreation Way, the site showcases items used by the pioneers such as houses, farms, cabins, and even hand-held weapons and clothing. You can see the weapons and garments in a building that stands to your left when you enter the ranch site. The weapons and clothing are presented and discussed by caretakers who are decedents of the original owners.

Next, you move through the outdoor grass under the sun, breathing in the air and following the grassy trail leading to the log cabin. It is a replica of an 1860’s pioneer cabin. Before it was built, Walter Galloway built a home-cabin there in the 1860’s. It was eventually torn down but a replica of his 1860’s-era cabin was built in it’s place.

After seeing the cabin, you walk through an outdoor field where you can see Indian tepees that date from around 1775 and onward. One teepee is made of buffalo hides. Another teepee is made very differently, before buffalo hides were used by the Native Americans. But the real attraction is the Indian “living room” canopy. The canopy produced a cool shade. Native Americans talk about it to tourists. The canopy had places to sit down and contained various items. Such an outdoor “living room” enabled multiple Indians to converse and take respite from summer heat.

There is also the Chambers house (or Rockledge House) built in 1875. It was built after the Chambers bought the land. You see it preserved as close as possible to the way it was back then. Tour guides explain the history of the family and their house. Another historic building there is an early 1900s house. They are all waiting to be seen. Their website is ,

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