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Colorado's largest swap meet for used music gear...

Swap gear & network at the same time...
Swap gear & network at the same time...
Flyer courtesy of KGNU.

Do you have a closetful of old Phase Shifters, Blues Drivers, and Compression pedals gathering dust?  Extra monitor speakers that have morphed into coffee tables, or a few ukuleles laying around with one broken string?  Why not bring them in to Colorado's largest swap meet for music gear?  It's Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 at Cervantes Masterpiece Theater (2637 S Welton St, Denver, 10AM - 4PM).

Advance tickets are on sale now for just $6 with proceeds to benefit KGNU Community Radio of Colorado.  Ticket holders are allowed to bring their instruments to the event to sell or trade at no additional fee (just remember that backpack!).  If you feel like you have enough goods to get a vendor table, booth fees are very affordable.  Contact Dutch Seyfarth of KGNU for more details.

This swap meet will also feature recording studios, local music stores, local music equipment,  instrument manufacturers, and stage production companies.  All things new and used (music instruments and assorted recording and stage equipment) will be available for sale or trade.  You remember how to haggle, right?

They've also arranged Master musician clinics and product demos throughout the day from such names as: Ableton Software, Apple, Shure, Digitech, Line 6, Behringer, Alesis, Marshall Amplification, Stanton, Mackie, Pro Tools, Roland, and others.  This is certain to be a worthwhile educational and networking event, and it's just gravy if you can make a little coinage too.