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Colorado's commitment to a new energy economy may finally be underway

The office of Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter recently announced that the Larimer County Landfill will be the first clean energy project sponsored by the Colorado Carbon Fund.

The project will capture and collect methane gas generated during decomposition at the landfill. Decomposition is achieved through Anaerobic Digestion (AD.) AD is a biological process in which biodegradable organic matters are broken-down by bacteria into biogas, which consists of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), and other trace amount of gases.

Timberline Energy developed the project and will oversee the construction and maintenance of the landfill gas-to-energy system. BEF, through its subsidiary BEF Renewable Incorporated, is a principal investor in the development project and will market carbon offsets, certified by the Climate Action Reserve, considered the leading standard for high quality carbon offsets in the United States

Benefits of capturing methane
Landfill gas is typically about 50 percent methane, which pound-for-pound is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a global warming pollutant. When burned, methane releases carbon dioxide into the air, a far less harmful gas. Burning of the methane has an added benefit when used as a clean replacement of dirtier fuel sources. The methane captured in the Larimar project will be used as fuel for electric generating turbines. Electricity generated from the turbines is expected to reach 1.4-megawatts, enough electricity to power about 900 local homes.

Colorado Carbon Fund
The Colorado Carbon Fund is a program of the Governor’s Energy Office. The CCF’s funding comes from donations made by individuals and businesses interested in supporting innovative new clean energy projects in the state. Large donors to the CCF have included University of Colorado at Boulder, Key Bank, Shell and Alpine Bank


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