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Colorado rebate program launching April 19, 2010


Beginning April 19, 2010, Coloradoans will be able to participate in a rebate program that can help some households obtain new, energy efficient appliances. 

Energy Star appliances

The items* that qualify for the rebate are:
  - Refrigerators
  - Dishwashers
  - Hot Water Heaters
  - Clothes washers


Home insulation diagram 

The services* that qualify for the rebate are:
  - Insulation/Air Sealing
  - Whole-house energy monitors
  - Whole-house energy audits
  - Duct sealing


Solar panels and wind turbine 

The projects* that qualify for the rebate are:
  - Solar photovoltaic systems
  - Business and small wind installations
  - Solar hot water home systems
 (A complete list of items/services/projects can be found at the end of the informative PDF)


Energy Star logo 

One third of the rebates will be going towards Energy Star hot water heaters, appliances and furnaces.  The majority of the money was contributed from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  
Rebates for kitchen appliances can be anywhere from $50 to $100.  Hot water heaters and furnaces have a rebate between $200 and $500.  The rebates will be on a first-come first-serve basis online.  GEO rebates will not be retroactive.  Therefore, products purchased and installed before the GEO launches won’t be eligible for rebates.
Rebates for renewable energy measures, like solar electric systems and solar hot water, will need a home energy audit before applying.  
Starting on April 19, 2010, online visitors will be directed to the Recharge Colorado website.  This website will allow people to reserve rebates.  
For those who need more information, Todd Hartman may be contacted by e-mail ( or by phone (303-866-2262).  
Happy hunting!

*All hyperlinked items/services/projects are suggestions of products that could qualify for the rebate program.  Please research to find out which retailers are participating!

Appliance photos courtesy of  Please visit for more details, as well.


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