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Colorado Pot Is A Moneymaker

Colorado Pot Is A Moneymaker
Colorado Pot Is A Moneymaker

Gov. John Hickenlooper came out and stated that projected tax revenue from pot sales could exceed a billion dollars. This being true it far exceeds anything they really could have imagined. Sales were expected to be on the high side but the public has gone wild over pot in Colorado.

This being the case all the programs that were to be funded by pot sales are a go. There is money to be set aside for drug prevention among minors. There is talk of spending money on highlighting the drugs health effects.

The Governor has also mentioned a campaign for drivers,"Drive High Get a DUI". In other words, Colorado is going to sell you your dope but they are also going to spend money just as we have for alcohol and tobacco use to show its ill effects.

In all honesty, it is a wise step that Colorado is doing this with its new found funds. No one has ever said that legalizing marijuana is the greatest of all possible things. If done right though, in the long run, it may be one of the wisest approaches to battling drug use.

For instance, the amount of money in locking up drug offenders and the money spent trying to stop it from coming into this country has always been a waste of funds. This way we can control it's sales and its revenues so it will help the state in the long run. Not only is Colorado doing what I mentioned earlier but they are also funding more beds for the hard core drug addicts. In the hopes, of possibly weening them off so they can have productive lives.

Lets face it, all the many decades of trying to stop the drug from coming in we have only been doing ourselves more harm. Maybe now we as a country can realize our mistakes and just legalize it and tax it. We will be able to turn this mess we are in around. Kudos Colorado for having the courage to take the first true steps. For information on the status of the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida please go to