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Colorado pile up: 104-car pile up leaves one person dead

A Colorado pile up that involved 104 cars left one person dead this weekend. On March 1, King5 reported that the pile up occurred along Interstate 25 in Denver. Bad road conditions are to blame for the huge accident that saw 20 people -- adults and children alike -- admitted to local hospitals late Saturday morning.

"People [were] trying to hit their brakes to come to a sudden stop [and] started smashing into each other in front of me, directly to my right, and behind me. I was in the far left lane. I personally saw at least six cars smash into each other. Luckily I was over far enough to not get hit," explained witness Travis Rosenbloom.

The Colorado pile up closed the highway for about three hours. There were two separate crashes that caused the massive pile up but everyone who was on the road was in the same boat regardless which "crash" caused their problem -- people were stuck, stranded, many not able to leave the area by car and most needing to be transported by bus to get off the road and get to a safe place while clean-up crews worked to get cars towed.

Cars and trucks were seen on top of one another, completely smashed, many likely totaled. Details about the one person who was killed have not been released.

Footage from the Colorado pile up can be seen in the video above.

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