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Colorado, Peyton Manning and school children

Peyton Manning makes his regular season debut with the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Why is that a big deal for charter school students and teachers? Because even if you aren't a Bronco fan or a football fan, Peyton Manning is news, and, like it or not, football is a big news item.

Here are a couple of reasons to at least mention Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in your classroom.

1. Peyton Manning may be the greatest quarterback of all time. He is certainly the greatest active quarterback in football. His statistics lead in almost all categories. He has been to the Pro-Bowl (the all-star game for the National Football League) eleven out of his fourteen seasons.

2. This is a huge comeback for Peyton Manning. He missed all of last season with a neck injury that caused some to wonder if he'd ever play again. So, it's a great human interest story. Manning's determination to get healthy and return to football is remarkable.

3. His old team gave up on him, even without an adequate replacement. The Indianapolis Colts (Manning's former team) let him go even though their back up quarterbacks have been awful. They did get lucky and lose so many games last year that they picked first in the draft and got a new quarterback who they hope will replace Manning. They may be right, but it was a strange story by iteself.

4. Peyton Manning has long been considered one of the classiest guys in the game of football as well as a great team leader. Already his presence is giving the team hope for a great season, even though he has yet to play a regular season game.

5. It is possible that this will be the most watched regular season game in history.

That's right, especially all of your non-football fans. There are many non-football reasons to at least mention this historic Colorado event. If you are a football fan, then it's an excuse to recap your favorite sport and take class time to do it. It's not just fun. It's educational.


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