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Colorado lift tickets - the missing link

Skiers coming from across the world to ski in Colorado may find the snow pack unsuitable for skiing in any one of three days that they spend on vacation. Round-trip lift tickets could be the window of opportunity at the top of the mountain, for snow lovers offering prayers to the ‘snow gods’.

The missing link to ski lift tickets in Colorado.
Photo by Simon Hofmann/Bongarts/Getty Images

Add to that poor snow reports over the last several years along with the concern over climate change, and skiers are facing the advent of never seeing the top again – in the winter, anyway. While a journey to the top without the thrill of sliding down the slopes is not optimal, it may help ease the pain if there were other things to do on arrival.

Slopes and resorts on this terrain offer wine tastings, dining in the dark, skiing by candlelight, star-gazing and even tours for expanding your laid-back –and maybe, high – friendly pot smoker. Some slopes offer local schools an option to use the slopes for physical education. There are even specials for winter weddings at the top of the mountain, with lift fare discounts for attendees.

Dah-da! How about a round-tripper?

You know, it could be a Colorado lift ticket “special” that takes those who don’t ski, don’t want to ski or can’t ski, to the top of the mountain, giving them a way to come back down within an hour. It’s not like the chairs dissolve at the top – they come back - empty!

Taking Care of Auntie Louise

Thinking long-term, ski areas are offering super-specials if only the family will bring grandma, grandpa, Aunt Louise at the nursing home – a day excursion for the ol’ gal - and any kid over 6-weeks old.

Herein, lies the problem!

Just what do you think Auntie is going to do when she gets to the slope? Can you see her in a fluffy pom-pommed pair of pink booties, hanging out with the other ski bunnies? There’s no ticket for her and the grand ol’ dame who’s out for her last hurrah; she just might want to see the mountaintop for once in her life.

Profits from Empty Seats

Instituting a round-trip lift ticket as a special option could easily increase sales volume and cull a perimeter demographic that is ignored.

• Offer during daily lulls in ski slope traffic or when skiing is out of the question

• Create a party for skiers – and non-skiers- Looking for Yeti - while slopes are down

• Offer a special for photography buffs during January with time to take pictures at the landings

• Combine with specials – such as Brunch in a Basket or Breakfast for Die Hards – at top of mountain

• Include as discounts for whole families, including two round-trip lift passes for a member that doesn’t ski

Every added dollar to sales intake counts in business today. Missing an opportunity to take advantage of those who love winter, love mountains but don’t ski is throwing money out the window.

What Goes Up

If Colorado lift tickets opened the door to fresh ideas and new options, the slopes could continue to benefit. And skiers could be on the mountain if conditions suddenly – hopefully – changed. It’s a short mental hop from using the gondolas in the summer, to round-trip lift passes in the winter.

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