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Colorado Kings defeat the Colorado Chill at Overland High School in Aurora

February 1, 2014, The Colorado Kings and the Colorado Chill, one of the newest teams for the American Basketball Association (ABA), played their first game against each other since the Chill joined the league. Chill Owner and Player, Dameon Page, was eager to play the Kings and be a worthy opponent and hoping to win. A win against the Kings would definitely show the league they are a team to watch.

Colorado Kings/Colorado Chill logos
Colorado Kings/Colorado Chill logos

The first period of the game the Chill managed to keep pretty close for the most part but seemed to get shut-out as they brought the score within a couple of points with the Kings. The first period ended with a score of 33 to 20, Kings in the lead.

The second period was just as close as the first period with the Kings remaining in the lead the entire period. However, the Chill were not giving in. You could tell how hard each player of the two teams wanted the win as whistles were blown for fouls and as players slid upon the floorboards. The second period ended with the Kings 59 and the Chill 46.

The third period was again hard fought by the two teams. The Kings continuing to lead and not willing to give an inch of the game without a struggle. Both teams shared fouls as players flew down the court with breakaways and steals. As the period progressed, the Chill seemed to be succumbing to attrition and steals, as the Kings shut down many of their chances to pull closer to the lead. The fans are definitely getting their monies worth as the third period ended with the Kings, once again, leading 102 to 68 over the Chill.

The final period ended up being a learning experience for the Chill as the Kings once again dominated. The Kings managed to pull even farther ahead, as the final period drew closer to an end. Chill Owner and Head Coach, Dameon Page, admitting the fact the team was given many chances to pull closer to the lead and giving it away by allowing the Kings to steal the ball. Even though the Kings managed to stretch their lead over the Chill as the last period drew to a close. The Kings put another win in the record books, final score Kings 137, Chill 86. The Kings proving their dominance, as they defeated the Chill, which has moved them up in the ABA Power Rankings to the 13th position.

The Chill going home with a loss and taking note of some errors they made to improve upon for their next game. The team should be very proud of how they played, especially with the fact they have only been together for about a month.

As fans exited the gym to head home for the night I overheard many of them making comments on how fast paced and exciting the game was.

The next game for the Kings will be Saturday February 8, 2014 against the Army at Overland High School, 12400 E Jewell Ave, Aurora, CO 80012. Click here for directions to the school.

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For information on the Colorado Chill please contact me by clicking here. The Colorado Chill are finalizing their website fairly soon.

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