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Colorado Kings announce new President of Basketball Operations

Jennifer Hill President of Game Day Operations for the Colorado Kings
Colorado Kings

Durrell Middleton, Owner of the Colorado Kings Basketball organization, who play in the American Basketball Association (ABA), are excited to announce a promotion from within the organization. Jennifer Hill, who has been with the Kings since 2010 has been in charge of scheduling and general operations, has been promoted to the position of President of Basketball Operations.

Mr. Middleton made the following comments about Ms. Hill; “Jennifer has a vast amount of sports expertise she brings to the table, including; running a Female professional football league and she runs the Rocky Mountain Basketball Conference which is a Summer Pro-Am Basketball League.” He continues with Jennifer is also a multi-sports official for football and basketball and when not heavily involved in sports has a successful mortgage company.”

According to Ms. Hill she had been teasing Mr. Middleton over the years with the organization about becoming the GM of the team but just didn’t like the possibility of having to fire someone, which not many of us who have worked management positions really do, it is just one of the responsibilities of the position in some organizations. Even though she has not been in the position she has always done what needs to be done at the games from gathering officials to pushing buttons.

She also spoke about how she feels the Kings have shown they do belong in the ABA and how challenging it is to be a team from Colorado with few teams very close to play, until just a few weeks ago. Three new teams, with one more may be in the making, have cropped up in Colorado which will make game play in the state even more exciting. This could be an additional 12 games or more played in the close proximity to Denver.

As a final note, she plans on continuing what she has always felt necessary to insure games are scheduled properly and adds she will be working over the next few years as a liaison between the Kings and the new teams coming on board in hopes to develop the Rocky Mountain Division into a more competitive division in the ABA.

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