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Colorado is back in the Top 10 2010 Digital Counties

Center for Digital Government
Center for Digital Government

The Center for Digital Government announced the winners of its 2010 Digital Counties Survey Awards. The top winners in each of the four population categories came from Virginia and Maryland: Our own Douglas County, Colo. tied with Dakota County MN, among counties with
population ranging from 250,000-499,999.

1st: Chesterfield County, Va.
2nd: Loudoun County, Va.
3rd: Clackamas County, Ore.
4th: Ottawa County, Mich.
5th: Dutchess County, N.Y.
5th: Placer County, Calif.
6th: Guilford County, N.C.
7th: Dakota County, Minn.
7th: Douglas County, Colo.
8th: Forsyth County, N.C.
9th: Washoe County, Nev.
9th: Washtenaw County, Mich.
10th: Hamilton County, Ind.

For 2010, the program's judging approach changed. Unlike years past, when participating governments put together an inventory of their cutting-edge technologies, this year the counties had to submit numerous explanatory narratives on why technologies deployed actually improved life for government employees, citizens or both, explained Todd Sander, director of the Center for Digital Government's Digital Communities program, the division that conducted the survey.
Overall, applicants scored well if they reported collaborative projects involving multiple jurisdictions.

Boulder County, CO, and Larimer County, CO, ranked among the Top 10 Digital Counties back in 2004 in the same population category of 250,000-499,999:

Sarasota County, Lee County, & Seminole County, FL
Sedgwick County, KN
Boulder County & Larimer County, CO
Loudoun County, VA
Polk County, IA
Dutchess County, N.Y. & Utah County, UT

Don’t get too upset that Boulder CO did not make the list this year, because the survey is specifically looking for innovations that Boulder county has been implementing over the past decade. Although the county made upgrades and improvements this year, they were on a smaller scale

For example here, is a summary of some of the Survey’s findings and trends regauding their measures to deal with economic downturn:

  • 92% of counties are pursuing federal stimulus, grants and fees to lessen dependence on the county general fund - an increase of six percent from 2009
  • 78% are consolidating data centers, servers, applications and staff - a 10 percent increase over last year
  • 72% plan reductions in staffing and operating hours - three percent more than last year
  • 69% are pursuing joint service delivery - a 12 percent increase over 2009

The Survey also sought the counties two highest priorities this year are the same for next year:
It’s no surprise that some of these are a higher priority in 2011 than 2010:

  • Cross Agency/ Cross Jurisdictional Collaboration,
  • Cyber Security/ Information Security (Policy),
  • ICT Workforce: Skills Development and Retention, and
  • Identity and Access Management

Obviously, the Center for Digital Government would also want to know the counties top Computing Network Management:priorities, and they remain the same as 2010, including:

  • Virtualization,
  • GeoSpatial (GIS) Computing and Analysis, and
  • Consolidation
  • In 2011 Unified Communications (voice, data, video, presence) will be the priority over broadband


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