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Colorado hunters unplugged for snow geese

Michael Seraphin/CDOW photo
Michael Seraphin/CDOW photo

When the Light Goose Conservation Order season opens Monday, Colorado hunters will be allowed to use unplugged shotguns for the first time.

The Colorado Wildlife Commission approved the change last year, but the Division of Wildlife announced Wednesday that the change was unintentionally omitted from the 2009 Colorado Waterfowl Brochure.

Unplugged shotguns, those holding more than three shells, are only allowed for hunting light geese during the Feb. 15-April 30 season and are still not allowed for other animals.

The LGCO is a special hunting season aimed at reducing the population of lesser snow geese, greater snow geese and Ross’ geese reaching the arctic breeding grounds.

In addition to unplugged shotguns, hunters have an unlimited bag limit, extended hunting hours and can use electronic calls.

Federal Migratory Bird Stamps are not required, but hunters must still purchase a Colorado Waterfowl Stamp to legally pursue light geese.