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Colorado House to vote on HB10-1284

New Medical Marijuana regulations put to a vote
New Medical Marijuana regulations put to a vote
State Colorado

Tomorrow from 1:30 to 7pm the Colorado House will come together at the state capitol building in Denver to take up HB10-1284.

The bill creates the medical marijuana licensing authority in the department of revenue. Much of the language of the bill treats dispensaries as liquor stores or cabarets, a stance that patients and caregivers don’t relish.

The bill is forty-five pages long. Here are some of the highlights or lowlights depending on where you stand:

A primary caregiver may serve no more than 5 patients on the registry at one time, unless the department allows more patients due to exceptional circumstances.

 • Imposes a one-year moratorium on the opening of new medical marijuana centers.

• Make a request by January 1, 2012, to the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration to consider rescheduling, for pharmaceutical purposes, marijuana from a schedule 1 controlled substance to a schedule 2 controlled substance.

• Health and Sanitary requirements; Practices designed to avoid an undue increase in the consumption of medical marijuana.
• Local Licensing: A decision approving a medical marijuana center license may include a limit on the number of patients the center may serve in order to meet the needs and necessities of the neighborhood.

• The medical marijuana licensing authority determines the licenses already granted for the particular locality are adequate for the reasonable needs of the community based on the testimony and evidence of the medical needs and necessity of the potential customers for the approval of the license at the proposed location for the sale of the medical marijuana.

• Would not allow a natural person with a misdemeanor to obtain a license to operate a medical marijuana center.

• This article does not prohibit a political subdivision of this state from limiting the number of medical marijuana centers that may operate in the political subdivision or from enacting reasonable zoning regulations applicable to medical marijuana centers based on local government zoning, health, and safety laws for the distribution of medical marijuana.

• What constitutes “Significant responsibility for managing the well-being of a patient”; except that the act of supplying medical marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia, by itself, is insufficient to constitute “significant responsibility for managing the well being of a patient

• Two or more primary caregivers may not join together for the purpose of cultivating marijuana

After the vote tomorrow, look for a follow-up article. Until then, check out a letter to the Colorado House and Senate by local medical marijuana advocate and attorney Robert J. Corry Jr. here.

Call your local Representatives and Senators, whether for or against the bill. House 1-800-811-7647 Senate 1-888-473-8136


  • factual 5 years ago

    HB 10-1284 still hasn't left the judiciary committee.

  • Craig 5 years ago

    May it die there. Firstly, legislators have no business practicing medicine, which is what they are doing when they decide who can use marijuana medicinally.

    And as for Sweetin and his ilk, the Controlled Substances Act is illegal - it violates the Bill of Rights.

  • Shawn 5 years ago

    Any follow up to this? Your article was March 21st, its now the 24th.

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