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Colorado House Bill 1224 may provide Texas with more business

A few days ago, Colorado passed an initial vote to ban high capacity magazines for firearms with House Bill 1224. With an 18-17 vote, this bill bans all magazines over 15 rounds. The vote for this bill was very close and will be put forth to the Colorado lawmakers again for further discussion and an additional vote. Colorado residents still have the opportunity to voice their concerns to their representatives.

So what does this mean for Texas gun owners?

Texas has a reputation for being one of the most gun-friendly states in America. This does not mean that Texans do not have any legislation regarding firearms (quite the contrary). It means that the state of Texas has an understanding of how the Second Amendment applies to Texas residents as well as the need of firearms within its borders. Because of its gun-friendly environment, Texas is a suitable home for firearms manufacturers seeking refuge in a quickly changing society.

Magpul is one of the leading companies of firearm accessory manufacturing in Colorado. One of their most popular items is high capacity magazines. With the upcoming legislation of Colorado House Bill 1224, Magpul would no longer be able to manufacture one of their top-selling items, which has lead many to wonder if the company will pick up and move to another state. With "Boulder Airlift" Magpul is offering a clearance sale to all Colorado residents outside of the Denver area before any legislation is to take place.

Many Texas companies, residents, cities, and lawmakers have invited Magpul (and any other firearm manufacturers) to set up business in the Lone Star state. For Texas, this would mean more revenue for the state, more jobs, an additional strength to the economy, and an even stronger presence in the firearms market. Only a nine-hour drive from Colorado, Texas would have a new advantage in the firearms industry and show its firm stance on the Second Amendment.


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