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Colorado Halloween hay rides, pumpkin festivals, corn mazes and more

Halloween Pumpkin Wagon
Halloween Pumpkin Wagon

Halloween harvest time in Colorado means hay rides, pumpkin festivals, corn mazes and other fun events. These old time traditions appeal to all ages. Halloween events like hay rides, pumpkin festivals, and corn mazes bring us back to simpler times.

Taking a ride in wagon full of hay is something everyone should experience. Bumping and jostling along in an open wagon full of hay is just plain fun. Chilly Halloween hay rides are no problem. Wrap up in a blanket and sip some hot apple cider or cozy up to someone special for warmth.

Halloween pumpkin festival events differ from venue to venue. There is pumpkin carving, pumpkin picking and even pumpkin launching and smashing. Grow a giant pumpkin and compete to see whose is the heaviest.

Corn mazes are just how they sound. A farmer cuts a maze through a giant corn field. Halloween corn mazes are often “haunted” with strange costumed creatures. The little ones will likely enjoy a ghost free corn maze. Stay close, it's easy to get lost.

Colorado has a wide variety of Halloween events to choose from. For a list of pumpkin festivals, hay rides, corn mazes and more go here. You're sure to find a Halloween event or two the whole family will enjoy. Happy Halloween!