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Colorado government lobbyists using taxpayer money to fight grassroots tax reform

Proponents of Amendment 60 state it will protect property owners from getting "soaked" in taxes
Proponents of Amendment 60 state it will protect property owners from getting "soaked" in taxes
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Several quasi-governmental agencies are using taxpayer funds to oppose two tax reform amendments and one proposition initiated by citizen groups which will be on the November 2010 ballot. Colorado Counties, Inc., the Colorado Municipal League, and the Special Districts Association each have donated $6,250 to fight these taxpayer-initiated reforms for a total of $18,750. These associations receive their funding from the taxpayer-funded governmental bodies for which they lobby. Thus, they are using taxpayer money to fight the taxpayers. In all, lobbyists, unions and special interests that benefit from governmental contracts have donated more than $144,000 to defeat these measures.

These tax reforms, praised by the National Taxpayers Union, include:

Amendment 60, which would reform the property tax system, stop taxation by unelected boards, and end illegal tax increases without voter approval,

Amendment 61, which would limit government borrowing, restore the 1876 ban on state borrowing, require voter approval for local borrowing, and repay all state and local debt, and

Proposition 101, which would lower vehicle, income, and phone taxes and fees.

Volunteers and grassroots donations support the three websites promoting these proposals. Although those belonging to these citizen groups know the use of taxpayer money to fight these measures is illegal, they do not have the financial reserves to fight these tactics. However, they continue in the fight to reform taxation in Colorado. Natalie Menten, one of the volunteers working for these tax reforms, said, "Politicians have undermined our right to vote with games like calling taxes ‘fees' and calling debts ‘certificates of participation.' These three ballot issues will restore our right to vote on taxes and debt, as the TABOR Amendment promised, and repeal some of those taxes illegally imposed in violation of the Constitution."

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  • Mike 5 years ago

    Go to to volunteer to help get these amendments passed. If you want $10 car registrations, you have to pass out some fliers.

  • Dr. William Beverly 4 years ago

    I have put together a poll / Survey to collect information about voters’ sympathies and thoughts regarding Colorado Ballot Initiatives: Amendments 60, 61 and Proposition 101.
    Please feel free to go to: and complete the poll.

    Dr. William Beverly, Independent Evaluator

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