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Colorado filmmaker's Kickstarter campaigns brings in over $35,000 - Part 2

This is part two of an article about filmmaker Sean J.S. Jourdan's upcoming feature film "Teddy Boy", and the successful Kickstarter campaign that has helped make the film a reality.

"Teddy Boy" will star Coloradans Kevin Sean Ryan and Danielle Prall as the grieving couple and Chicagoan Joseph Louis Bicicchi as the young tennis star. Bicicchi starred in Jourdan’s award-winning short film, “The Beekeeper”, which Jourdan made while obtaining his MFA in film and video from Columbia College Chicago. The feature-length script for “The Beekeeper” was a finalist for the prestigious Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab. “I’m looking forward to working with a tremendous cast and crew as well as creating a film in Colorado that will play to an international audience,” says Jourdan. “It’s going to be an emotionally moving film with more than a few thrills to match.” Kuba Zelazek is slated to be Director of Photography on “Teddy Boy”. He worked with Jourdan on “The Beekeeper” and is currently filming the reality TV show, “Jerseylicious”.

The success of the Kickstarter campaign may be due in part to Jourdan’s efforts to publicly thank each and every donor, no matter the size of their gift. “I just think that when people trust you with their hard earned money it means something. I don't care if it's a dollar or thousands of dollars. Money is tight for people. And there are countless things for them to spend it on. I feel they're placing a bet on me and, having struggled and fought many battles, it touches me deeply." Jourdan says that the success of a Kickstarter campaign begins long before the online campaign itself actually starts. “I'd even go back years - many years. Become involved with your community. Alumni organizations. Film festivals. Screenings. Philanthropies. Etc. Most of your donors will likely be people with a personal connection to you and your work. That has to happen before you even have a chance to succeed, in my opinion.” Jourdan explains that the Kickstarter experience can be “a transformative one if you let it. Friends, families, and strangers step up and believe in you and are willing to back it …. It's very humbling. Filmmaking is a privilege, not a right. And the absolute least I can do is thank them as best as I can.”


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