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Colorado filmmaker's Kickstarter campaigns brings in over $35,000 - Part 1

Sean J.S. Jourdan on the set of his short film "The Beekeeper"
Sean J.S. Jourdan on the set of his short film "The Beekeeper"
Bonnie Robinson

On April 16th, one of the most ambitious crowdfunding campaigns that’s ever taken place in the Colorado film community was successfully funded. Writer/director Sean J.S. Jourdan’s debut feature film “Teddy Boy” raised $35,633, 106% of its goal, through the fundraising website Kickstarter. “Teddy Boy” is a psychological thriller that centers on the story of a rising tennis star who becomes entangled in a savage charade with a grieving middle-aged couple. The screenplay has already gained honors as a finalist in the Woods Hole Film Festival, the Beverly Hills Film Festival, Cinestory, and as a semi-finalist in the Big Bear Lake International Film Festival and Visionfest Feature Screenwriting Competition.

Boulder-based producer, Meryem Ersoz of Black Wing Digital ("Mind's Eye"), has partnered with Jourdan to co-produce the feature, which will be filmed in and around Denver and Lake Granby in May and June of this year. Ersoz saysshe joined the project because she was“intrigued by the story and by Sean's screenwriting capabilities. His screenplays, more than most I read (and I've read hundreds) give his actors a lot of room to act and his visual team a lot of latitude to exert their creativity. The story is unlike anything which I've seen produced in Colorado, and I'm interested in working on strong stories and collaborating with hungry, talented, ambitious individuals like Sean.” Ersoz adds, “The success of the Kickstarter campaign is exactly what he needed to push the film into the next level of production. Every dollar will be put on the screen to add production value. Now we are able to produce the film with a no-compromises crew, the best cast we could realize, and superior art design and locations.”

Learn more about the reasons behind the campaign's success tomorrow!