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Colorado Eagles win back to back games in Arizona

Eagles celebrate third win in a row
Eagles celebrate third win in a row
Matt Santos

The Colorado Eagles are definitely ‘recharged’ and showing the competition that they will not give up their reign easily. After being down 3-1 after the first period against the Arizona Sundogs, the Colorado Eagles fought back to end the game with a 6-4 win. Their second win against the Sundogs this weekend. These two teams will meet again tomorrow for the final game of this road trip. Make sure you tune in to 107.9 the Bear for Kevin McGlue’s commentary of the game—it is more than likely going to be action packed.

The Eagles had 43 shots on goal versus the Sundogs with 32. Kyle Jones was once again in the net tonight and increases his save average to .920 and he is in third place in the CHL goaltending leaders.

Colorado received 38 penalty minutes on 12 infractions, while Arizona received 30 minutes on 12 infractions. Alex Penner received a game misconduct for being the third man in during a skirmish in the first period. Actually, the coach had brought Alex back to the bench before he was fully recovered from his injury since we were short a man. Kyle Peto received a leave to be with his family for the death of an uncle. So, perhaps it was good for Alex to sit out the rest of the game, although he wasn’t too happy about it.

Karl Sellan and Brett Thurston continued to duke it out again tonight, obviously unfinished business from last night’s fight, which leads me to believe that tomorrow just might be the culmination of three days of a grudge match. Karl Sellan is a good one to start a fight, but he rarely likes to finish them. Shouldn’t pick those battles with Thurston if that is the case.

Now let’s talk about that penalty shot the referee gave Kyle Hood of the Arizona Sundogs; where was the penalty? Doesn’t a penalty shot result from a penalty like the CHL rules state? Leave me your comment and let me know what you think of this one. Our coaching staff was not happy about it either and I am rather surprised that Panks or Stewart didn’t have one of their yard sales! You remember those, don’t you? When Stewart would throw all the water bottles and hockey sticks onto the ice to ensure the referee knew what he really thought of a call.

The penalty shot only served to fuel the fire under the Colorado Eagles and they came back with a vengeance. The ending score of 6-4 further serves to let the Sundogs know that the Eagles are fired up and there is no stopping them now.

Matt Hanson got his first goal as a Colorado Eagle and it was against his old team. Riley Nelson hit 60 points tonight and is in fourth place in scoring leaders in the CHL. Kevin Ulanski is at 59 points and is in sixth place in the CHL.


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