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Colorado Eagles remain in first place with 6-1 win

Chorneyko fights for puck
Chorneyko fights for puck
Hector Acevedo

The Colorado Eagles are hot and just keep getting hotter! The Eagles met the Fort Wayne Komets for the first time at the Budweiser Event Center and introduced this team to their home fans with a 6-1 win.

Thurston celebrates goal with Nelson
Hector Acevedo

Andrew Penner was in net tonight and showed the Komets his prowess with 21 saves in net. The lineup for the Komets’ net was long ending the night with Adam Hogg and Dan Sullivan each making two goals, Riley Nelson and Kevin Ulanski each made one goal. The list of assists was notable as well: Scott May, Joe Grimaldi, Alex Penner, Daymon Rycroft, Kyle Peto, Adam Chorneyko, Brett Thurston, Steve Haddon, Riley Nelson, and Kevin Ulanski. Stellar players of the Colorado Eagles were shining throughout the night.

Penalties were minor tonight with Fort Wayne receiving 24 minutes on 9 infractions; and Colorado receiving 20 minutes on 7 infractions.

The three stars of the game were selected with first star Adam Hogg for two goals; second star Dan Sullivan for two goals; and third star Scott May for two assists of the night.

The fans all receive free Wendy’s because of the six goal achievement by the Colorado Eagles so it was truly a win-win all the way around.

The Colorado Eagles remain in first place in the Turner Conference of the Central Hockey League and have achieved a playoff berth; but home ice is yet to be determined. Cheer your team on for their continued efforts and we will have many games in front of us.

Striptease phenom, Greg Pankewicz, assistant coach for the Colorado Eagles remains benched for the remainder of the regular season. He will be behind the bench for playoffs. In the meantime, you will see a scattering of FREE PANKS tee shirts throughout the fans as they support their beloved assistant coach.