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Colorado Eagles lose to Tulsa Oilers 4-3 in shootout

Dylan Stanley fights for puck
Dylan Stanley fights for puck
AJ Nazzaro

The Colorado Eagles split the points for tonight’s game with the Tulsa Oilers—each team walks away with one more game point under their belt. The Eagles have played 10 games and have 17 points. The Oilers have played 11 games and have 7 points. Tonight the Oilers beat the Eagles in an overtime shootout for a final score of 4-3.

This ends the Colorado Eagles’ eight game winning streak while simultaneously ending the Tulsa Oilers’ eight game losing streak.

Tonight’s game was exciting from start to finish. Andrew Penner started in net for the Eagles and had some spectacular saves for a total of eight out of eight. However, he only played for 15:56. The Eagles’ Chris Hau took offense at a play made by Tyler Fleck near the Oilers’ goal. Then Sims, the Oilers’ goalie, jumped on the back of Hau to help his team mate out and a melee ensued. Andrew Penner skated down to jump Sims and both squads were soon involved in the fracas. Both goaltenders received game misconduct penalties and were ejected from the game. As a side note, Andrew Penner performed his brother, Alex Penner’s crowd favored X with his arms upon leaving the ice. Alex is gone, but certainly not forgotten. Kyle Jones replaced Penner in net with Ian Keserich replacing Sims.

From that point on the game was action packed and kept the crowd energized. The Colorado Eagles outshot the Tulsa Oilers 47-34. Eagles scoring were Damon Rycroft, Adam Hogg and Scott May. May tied the game in the last three minutes sending it into overtime and finally a shootout.

Riley Nelson was celebrated for achieving 600 points in an Eagles’ jersey reaching the milestone in October. Unfortunately, the defense held Nelson at bay tonight and he was unable to increase his points, but he still maintains his spot as number five in the Central Hockey League scoring leaders.

The Colorado Eagles will face the Mississippi River Kings at the Budweiser Event Center on Saturday night.


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