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Colorado Eagles end season early

Eagles Captains
Eagles Captains
Hector Acevedo

The Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs swept the Colorado Eagles in the semi-finals of the Northern Conference for the Central Hockey League. They say turnabout is fair play, since we swept them in the same round last year, but it just did not feel good to the Eagles or the fans. However humbling it may be, the Colorado Eagles have vowed to return with fervor next year.

To quote team captain, Riley Nelson, “anytime we have lost in this round in the past, we came back the next year to win the cup.” He wanted the fans to keep that in mind as we celebrated the successes of the season at the last coaches’ show at Lucky Joe’s on Monday evening.

The fans still turned out regardless of the outcome of the semi-finals. The team has ingrained itself into the hearts of these fans and they will not go down lightly. It was indeed a full house and the Eagles rewarded the fans with many giveaways for the evening.

Riley Nelson, Ryan Tobler, Aaron Schneekloth, Ed McGrane, Coach Kevin McClelland, and Assistant Coach Greg Pankewicz all joined Kevin McGlue in commiserating the loss and celebrating our successes.

Now we should stay tuned for Monday’s big press conference to see what other new developments the Colorado Eagles may have up their sleeves. Check back tomorrow for more information regarding these latest developments. Could it be a coaching change?  Perhaps changes in the veteran's rule?