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Colorado Eagles beat Wichita Thunder 7-5

Matt Glasser, Colorado Eagles, fights to get puck to achieve his first pro goal.
Matt Glasser, Colorado Eagles, fights to get puck to achieve his first pro goal.
Michael Kalusch

The Colorado Eagles beat the Wichita Thunder 7-5 last night as they welcomed McClelland back to the Budweiser Event Center. It was quite a welcome, indeed, with the first period ending on a 3-0 high note for the Eagles. Two of the goals were from Kevin Ulanski and one from Adam Hogg.

The fans were not disappointed during the second period when the Thunder fought back getting two goals before the Eagles were able to maintain their lead with goals from Kyle Peto and Matt Glasser. This was the first goal of the season for both of these players and both were on power plays.

The Eagles were able to score on five of the six power plays showing their specialty teams effectiveness throughout this game. Their penalty kills were strong when they held the Thunder at bay for four out of six of their power plays.

The third period sealed the fate for the Wichita Thunder with Kevin Ulanski getting a hat trick with his goal at 6:43. The Thunder answered the call with two more goals and finally surrendered when they pulled the goalie with one minute left in the regulation play hoping to tie the game. Adam Hogg was able to seize control of the puck and score the final goal as an empty netter leaving the team with a two goal advantage.

The Colorado Eagles travel to Wichita today to meet the Thunder on their home ice. Although the Thunder has lost five in a row, this game should prove to be a good match after last night’s fast paced game.


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