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Colorado Eagles announce coaching changes

Overhead view of Eagles in action
Overhead view of Eagles in action
Corinne Ferdinand

The Colorado Eagles held a press conference today to announce the change in coaching staff. Chris Stewart, Martin Lind, and Ralph Backstrum sat at the front table to show a united front with this decision.

CEO and General Manager, Chris Stewart, announced that by mutual decision between Kevin McClelland and the Colorado Eagles, McClelland’s 2-year contract would not be renewed. Chris Stewart did announce that he would jump back behind the bench again.

Coach Stewart said this decision creates a lot of excitement and anxiety for both he and his family. He appreciates the last couple of years that Mac has put into the Eagles and he believes that Mac maintained the same level of coaching, but perhaps with just a different standpoint.

When asked how this decision was made, Stewart explained that after each season the staff performs a post-season evaluation. After looking at things from the cumulative standpoint over the last couple of years, they felt this would be the best move and the right way to handle things.

Coach Stewart reaffirmed that with the supporting cast he has in place, the coaching staff, the office staff, and the management group he believes their will be no disruption in efficiency.

He also maintained that he looks forward to this opportunity and is refreshed from his two year hiatus so that his health will not be an issue.

Stewart plans to return to the Colorado Eagles being the team to set the pace for the games. He plans his starting point with aggressiveness and will stay on the muscle! The fans will be anxious to return to the Budweiser Event Center to witness the changes.

No other personnel changes were addressed at this time other than he will continue to maintain the General Manager role in conjunction with the Head Coach position.


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