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Colorado Conquers Television Casting

Kristi Russell
Kristi Russell
Metal Flowers Media

When you think of Colorado, you envision mountains, snow, marijuana legalization, Peyton Manning, skiing, athletic people and laid back, rad personalities. Television, casting and entertainment in The Centennial state? Probably not so much. Well think again. Kristi Russell, California transplant and current resident in Boulder, Colorado has opened up a thriving satellite casting agency right in the heart beautiful Boulder. She works with some of the biggest networks in the business with successful shows like Bar Rescue, Ice Cold Gold, Catch a Contractor, Naked & Afraid and countless others. Russell not only has an eye for talent, she's worked in the business from the ground up and has unbelievable experience in the entertainment industry. Check out her story below to learn how Kristi Russell blossomed Metal Flowers Media into a full blown corporation and has proven why she's one to look at for owning the top-notch, creative casting agency in the US.

"Kristi Russell formed Metal Flowers Media in February of 2008, and officially opened the doors in March of 2009 – but the long strange trip to get there started way before. Kristi arrived in Los Angeles in the summer of 2000 and stepped off of the plane and onto Venice Beach. With sand between her toes and sunshine on her face, it only took a moment for her ideological switch to flip: she put flowers in her hair, bought some SPF 30, and made a small investment at a wholesale wax factory. That weekend, she was selling her handmade candles on a blanket on the boardwalk. Romantic and bohemian at first, Ramen grew boring (and really salty) and her credit card balances grew steeply (candle making? not so lucrative). Friends stepped in: she had to get a job.

Fighting tooth and nail against “corporate America”, she reluctantly agreed to interview at Rocket Science Laboratories, where she was hired on immediately as a Production Assistant. Loathing turned to lust: she liked it here. She was quickly promoted up through the casting department where she was a perfect fit aside Tyler Ramsey. Kristi bit the marrow out of this obvious opportunity. Working ambitiously, resolutely, she became indispensable, setting up new systems, managing teams, and notably slashing budgets. She was a driving force within the company and her mettle did not go unnoticed: alongside Ramsey, she built an in-house casting department and soon after, explored story and production. Finally, Kristi was serving as the Senior Director of Talent Development, creating content and developing programming. Within one year, four shows that she pitched were on the air with other production companies.

Today, with her loyal, creative, and hard working crew, Kristi’s years of experience in the field, behind a camera, aside executives and in pitch meetings has allowed her to grow Metal Flowers Media into a full service production company, working with the best in the business. Aside from development and production, Kristi’s signature casting trademark has won her accolades from Discovery Channel, FOX, ABC, NBC, TLC, and countless others."

Kristi has come a long way from Venice Beach and has put various bar owners, engineers, families and all sorts of personalities on the map with their talents, expertise and inspirational stories. With their headquarters in Hollywood, California & the fresh space in Boulder, Colorado, don't be surprised if you catch Kristi and her talented team expanding the entertainment value in this green state.

Want to learn more about Metal Flowers Media, Kristi Russell or the shows they are currently casting? Visit their website:, follow them on Twitter @metalflowers or like them on Facebook:

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