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Colorado Companies To Take Spotlight at SIA

Colorado Companies To Take Spotlight at SIA
Colorado Companies To Take Spotlight at SIA
GYST Concepts

The SIA Show is set to open at the Colorado Convention Center this Thursday. Among the thousands of retailers are several Colorado companies. One of those is Gyst Concepts (short for Get Your Stuff Together), which is based in Louisville, Colorado.

Dominique Aris, who is originally from France, launched the company in California 3 years ago. The idea came to him while he was surfing in California. “I used a big plastic box to step into and remove my wetsuit. Then I realize since everyone else around me was doing the same so I invented and patented the only bag line you can step into to change gear before and after exercising.”That bag has become one of the most advanced backpacks available for triathletes to set up their transition station.

I caught up with Dom to see what else we can expect at SIA and also from the future of this company.

Carri: What else will you be showcasing at SIA?

Dom: We will be presenting a line including duffels, backpack and our 2014 innovative products designed to be used on muddy and snowy parking lots.

Our new duffel bag the DB1-14 is big enough to carry all your snowboarding or ski gear and features our clean mat system.

Carri: What is something readers would be surprised to know about you?

Dom: From the best of my knowledge we are sending devices to Mars but we had to wait till a few years ago to see GYST introduce the only bag that can be used in soiled surfaces in parking lots to provide a clean space to change and that will stay clean once closed. If you think about it it means we did a better job in spacial programs than at solving a problem every athlete is dealing with !

Carri: What do you most love about Colorado?

Dom: Without hesitation "Coloradians". As you can tell from my accent I am a "US adopted kid". People all over the state have welcome me and my innovative brand with countless encouragements to develop the line for outdoor and winter sports.

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