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Colorado Christian groups on national hate list

Do arguments always means hate?
Do arguments always means hate?

The Southern Poverty Law Center has released its latest anti-gay and hate group list. And a large chunk of it includes Christian organizations.

A few of which reside in Colorado.

Those who think the worse of some of these groups will point out that they are located in the Springs. But Dave Kopel of the Colorado based Independence Institute pointed out the statistics for hate-based violence was high in Denver itself.

Of course, some groups spouting hate use the label Christian but do not act Christian. That is too bad.

The question for readers is: do they consider groups that exercise their right to disagree with the homosexual worldviews "anti-gay" or even a "hate group"? If so, why?

You can subscribe to these articles at the top of the page. Shawn is the pastor of Providence Presbyterian Church in Denver.


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