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Colorado Cannabis Convention April

A ticket to ride.
A ticket to ride.
Kevin Brooks

The party was sponsored by and kush magazine. Each is a Colorado local and promotes the trade, while serving patients with relevant information.

This two day event was held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver on April 3rd & 4th from 9am to 10 pm each day. With hundreds of vendors, music and entertainment, it was not only the first of it's kind, but very large as well. As a matter of fact, it occupied roughly the same space as a full fledged auto show from flusher economic times.

Part trade show, part carnival, the atmosphere was festive. Mini seminars of all sorts were performed along with live music throughout the show. Chefs gave cannabis cooking lessons with the enthusiasm of the Sham-Wow guy. There wasn't any marijuana for sale or even on display, but most of the crowd seemed to have the munchies and kept the concession stands busy.

Along with the well represented dispensaries and care centers, there were numerous merchants to the trade. Peddlers came with security systems, armed guards, safes, indoor gardening supplies, attorneys, insurance, pos and credit machines, website developers, container companies, advertisement agencies… you name it and it was there!

The vibe late Saturday was mellow. The packed crowds were thinning and the vendors were beginning to relax. In the background an advocate on stage spoke closely into the microphone, the muffled voice filtered through rows of vendors, each with a competing voice. These people meant business.

The last auto show at this location was smaller. Chrysler didn't even show, because they had no new autos in their line-up. This show pointed to the enormous potential of the burgeoning pot industry.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment recently released statistics that indicate applications for Medical Marijuana cards are up from 270 a work day August, 2009 to approximately 1000 a work day as of February, 2010.

This is clearly a growth industry (no pun intended) in a time when Colorado, as well as the rest of the nation could certainly use it. One of the booths was promoting a 420 Rally Fund-Raiser on April 9th at Casselman's Bar and Venue. Proceeds will be shared by MILE HIGH NORML and Cannabis Therapy Institute. Until then, look for an upcoming follow-up article on the recently passed Colorado HB10-1284, coming soon.


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