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Colorado animal shelter under fire after euthanizing seriously injured dog

Dog euthanized by Colorado animal shelter
Facebook: Planet Pet

A Colorado animal shelter is under fire after euthanizing a seriously injured dog over the weekend. The dog had been brought to their facility last week after suffering an injury three months ago.

The decision to euthanize a dog who was showing progress after being injured in a chair recliner has sparked outrage in the Facebook community. The dog was only five months old, and the family brought him in to have him put down.

Now threats are being made against Dr. Jeff Young, Planned Pethood Plus, and Planet Pet, located in Denver Colorado. Planned Pethood Plus is listed as a pet store and animal shelter, and has a Facebook page.

Run Auggie Run posted the following, and has asked people not to threaten the facility that killed this dog. Here is their version as to what happened to this poor dog.

"I am in tears, heartbroken and so angry right now. We were going to drive to get this boy this week to save him since we had an adoption pending. I got a plea from someone in Colorado a few days ago about a dog, that was brought to the clinic where she works, by their owners to be put down. He was only 5 months old and was supposedly caught in their recliner. Lachelle was the woman that got a hold of me and was able to have them sign a relinquishment form. Everyone at the clinic still wanted to put him down but she planned to meet us part way and bring him to us. We filled out an application to adopt him out. Lachelle informed me that they said he would be safe, however they went behind her back and put him down this morning. I am so so heart broken and I want this clinic to get heat for this. This baby was only 5 months old and Lachelle had already done laser and massage on him and she noticed a difference. He could have had a full, happy life with us. she too is devastated and so angry about this and has given her notice. Please help me do what we can to get word out about them and this poor baby. We were ready to love him and get him all of the tests and rehab that he needed."

According to Planned Pethood Plus, who operates a store, as well as a rescue facility, released a statement saying

"the dog showed response to the deep pain test. As the injury was three months old the dog would have been suffering for quite some time. His hind legs were ulcerated, his urinary issues appeared to be chronic and he had no bladder control.
He rocked back and forth in his cage and the night I brought him over to Planet Pet, no matter how many blankets I gave him I couldn't seem to help him get comfortable."

Planet Pet can be found online here or on their Planned Pethood International page.

After facing a lot of upset dog lovers, Planned Pethood Plus released the following added to their statement on Tuesday.

"Here are the facts of the situation. Dr. Young, Planned Pethood, and Planet Pet have saved many lives others gave up on. We understand that people are upset, however, this dog was simply not going to live a life free of pain. If you have questions or comments, please email, call or private message Planet Pet and we will be happy to review the facts.

A former employee of Planned Pethood, the vet clinic of which we are a subsidiary has made several untrue allegations. We are limited in what we can discuss, but I can share with you the following:

1. The dog was brought in to the clinic to be euthanized by it previous owners. 3 months ago the dog was crushed in a recliner.
2. The dog had seen another vet prior to being brought to Planned Pethood but only two times.
3. Someone without the authority to do so offered relinquishment papers to the original owners of the dog.
4. The dog had not yet been listed by Planet Pet as available for adoption as we were still monitoring his condition.
5. An application was submitted, Planet Pet had no time to review the application prior to the allegations made on Facebook.
6. Saturday morning when Planet Pet staff arrived at the store, the dog's cage was covered in blood. Earlier in the week, his sheath was stitched to repair his prolapsed penis and he was bleeding from the suture site.
7. Planet Pet staff took the dog to Planned Pethood where Dr. Young examined the dog. Since the dog did not receive medical care after the recliner incident his knees were completely fused, he had a separated vertebrae and no bladder control. The dog was very clearly in pain and distress.
8. Dr. Young made the decision to euthanize based on the dog's pain and chance for any quality of life.
9. The facebook allegations were made before Planet Pet had a chance to speak with the couple that submitted an application. The former employee made contact with the people who had submitted the application.
10. Our application clearly states that submission of an application does not represent a contract for adoption.
11. Our policy is not to do out of state adoptions as we cannot ensure the quality of life for the dog. This is common with many rescue groups. In this case we were considering a transport, but had not approved it, nor deemed the dog stable enough for transport.
12. Planet Pet has since attempted to contact the family that submitted the application but our phone calls have not been returned.
13. Historically, we have only euthanized in severe cases. We've had animals with all sorts of orthopedic injuries that we have rehabbed and adopted into loving homes. Our only other euthanasia this year was a 10 year old cat with a cancerous lung tumor.
14. The former employee making the allegations was not present when the dog was brought to the clinic on Saturday."

This is clearly a case where the family should have sought help for their injured dog much sooner. Instead, this serious injury has led to a dog being humanely euthanized, and the rescue world fighting about whether euthanasia was the best solution.

Perhaps this dog could have been rehabilitated. No one will ever know, because Dr. Young had to make the difficult decision to end his life.

Those who know Dr. Young have spoken highly of his work.

Run Auggie Run is also well respected in the rescue community. More than 17,000 followers keep up with their desire to rescue handicapped dogs who would have been euthanized, and help them recover from debilitating injuries.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the euthanasia of this poor soul. Was euthanasia really necessary, or was Dr. Young saving this poor boy from a lifetime of chronic pain?

Your comments are welcome.

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