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Color Switch by Vera Mona makes changing your eye shadow color quick and easy

True makeup lovers know you can never have too many brushes. One reason is that when you use one color on a brush you then have to use another brush to put on a different color, especially if you are working with a darker shade. Finally someone has created a product that allows you to minimize the number of brushes that you use.

Letty Cabrera Calvo, Founder, Vera Mona
Matthew V. Callueng
Color Switch Duo by Vera Mona
Photography, Matthew V. Callueng

“Color Switch” by Vera Mona is the product that allows you to quickly change the color of your eye shadow on your brush, thus cutting down the number of brushes that you use. Letty Cabrera-Calvo is the creator of “Color Switch.” The idea for this product came from the frustration of using multiple brushes when applying eye shadow.

Cabrera-Calvo, a budding entrepreneur shares how she created a great product for the professional makeup artist and beauty aficionado.

Why did you create the company?
I created Vera Mona as part of a start-up business course through my MBA program. There wasn't a product that allowed me to quickly change the color on my brush without using a liquid brush cleanser. The concept of “Color Switch” was born. I was sitting on the couch one day doing my makeup and I was completely frustrated because I was trying to find something to wipe off my brushes on. It so happen that I had to submit an idea for the start-up class I was taking and I put the two together and began developing the idea.

How did you come up with the name Vera Mona?
I love to tell the story of how I came up with the name Vera Mona. I was visiting my parents and I tasked my sister and brother-in- law with helping me find a name for the company. We finally decided on Vera Mona because it translates to “true doll”. The ironic part of this story is that when you put the name together (Veramona), my father’s name (Ramon) is smack in the middle. I get chills every time I tell this story because it was a true coincidence or maybe faith. My father has always been my biggest supporter in life and it means a lot to have his name within the name of my business.

Why is Vera Mona beneficial for PRO MUA (Makeup Artist) and the everyday woman?
The Color Switch Solo and Duo are both extremely beneficial for both the everyday woman and the MUA because it provides a quick and effective way of removing color from a makeup brush so that one can quickly switch to another. MUA’s and women no longer have to use tissue or napkins to clean off their brushes.

Where can Color Switch and Vera Mona products be purchased?
We currently sell our products on our website, and We can also be found at beauty retailers Naimie’s and Frends.

Will Vera Mona be present at upcoming tradeshows or special beauty events?
We will join forces with Frends Beauty at IMATS New York April 11-13, 2014, and we are extremely excited.

Vera Mona works great for those who may not own several brushes but love applying different colors.

To learn more about Vera Mona or purchase their products visit their website. Follow Vera Mona on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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