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Color shades: Neutral

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Neutral colors are colors that are not strongly associated with any particular hue and, therefore, they do not show up on all color wheels (although they will appear on complete sets). Neutral colors describe hues that are found in nature. Brown, tan and beige are all considered to be classic neutral tones. Somewhat controversially, gray is sometimes also considered to be a neutral color even though it is technically on the “achromatic” color list.

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Neutral colors are colors that are often found in nature such as the brown of tree barks or the slate gray of rocks. Because these colors are associated with everything natural they are sometimes referred to as “earth tones.” Neutral colors are extremely popular shades when it comes to makeup since using shades that are close to one’s own skin tone makes women look beautiful in a way that is natural and not obviously a result of cosmetic application. Neutral colors are also hugely popular for purposes of home décor and even fashion.

Neutral colors are gentle and they blend well into natural scenery. Thus, they are easy colors to wear and look at and that makes them among the most popular shades that people can request for a myriad of reasons.