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Color for kids, by kids


With the Harrisburg Artfest about to begin for the Memorial Day Holiday, what a great time to get kids involved in the arts.

Color falls from the roof in Easton

Kids and art. What a great idea and who better to know kids than Crayola? Yes, that's right Crayola. The same one that made the crayons when you and your parents were kids.

A recent visit to Easton, Pennsylvania was more fun than any adult should be allowed to have in a day! The Crayola Factory was the source of the fun. .

Located in an old factory, in the heart of downtown Easton, The Crayola Factory is packed with activities for kids of all ages. Kids can fingerpaint, draw on a sidewalk with chalk, model with putty, paint with melted crayons and more. Bright colors are everywhere throughout the old building.

Greeted by a life-size red crayon, the mood is set as you enter. The history of the crayon is on display, along with retired colors (you may remember using as a child). A demonstration of "How crayons, markers and Silly Putty are made" is a must see. The demonstration room keeps a count of the total crayons made to date. You can watch the numbers changing as you pass by.

After a trip through the factory, visit the gift shop where you will see the world's largest crayon, Big Blue. His live counterpart, a big blue crayon greets you upon entering. You can talk to him but don't be disappointed if he doesn't talk back. Crayons, apparently just nod and motion!

Fun, fun, fun!

After the trip, keep the color alive by selecting new color for your kids room. Dutch Boy Paints has partnered with Crayola to create paints that are selected by kids for kids. They are scrubbable, non-toxic and come in wonderful brilliant colors.

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