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Color advice for the Harrisburg Area

Color dilema ? Let's solve it together
Color dilema ? Let's solve it together

Articles are written every day that explain how-to select color for your space.

They are in magazines, newspapers and online.

One tells you to use neutrals, the next bold colors and yet another pastels.

They all show gorgeous houses and rooms but how do you translate this color to your house? It  is confusing and you end up longing for a space that does not exist, in your house.

Meanwhile you muttle along with the same color you have had for years, inside and out.

Your space is unique. It requires a personal color solution that suits you and your family. The color should be a reflection of you and be placed in a manner that will tell the world about you, while making you feel comfortable living in the space.

Right, you say. How exactly do I de-code the color mystery for my house?

It's here! FREE color advice for the Harrisburg area homeowner.

Starting today, post your color questions in the comment section below and if selected, I will answer your questions in a future article.

Please be as detailed as you can so that the response can be as helpful to you and others as possible.

I look forward to making the Harrisburg area a more beautiful place to live, one home at a time.


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