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Colonial Williamsburg app is 'Revolutionary'

Explore and get around Williamsburg with the Colonial Williamsburg Explorer App.
Explore and get around Williamsburg with the Colonial Williamsburg Explorer App.
Photo Courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

There is a lot going on in Colonial Williamsburg.

So much, that one really does need an app to get around and make sure you don't miss anything.

The free Colonial Williamsburg mobile app for iPhone, and Android is more than just a map app with some addresses and phone numbers. The app is really more of an interactive guide to Colonial Williamsburg and all “The Revolutionary City" has to offer.

Per, The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, here is what the app offers:

• Discover more than 40 Historic Sites, including 19 Trade Shops ranging from Apothecaries and Blacksmiths to Wheelwrights and Wigmakers
• Choose from more than a dozen restaurants and taverns and more than 20 modern and historic stores
• Enjoy the three Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg and a variety of performance, theatrical, and event venues
• Find your way around “The Revolutionary City” with clearly labeled parking lots, details on where to buy tickets and passes, locations with information desks, and where to find the shuttle bus stops

Events, shows and reenactments happen throughout the day in Williamsburg and with the Explorer app, the locations of the historic sites, trades, hotels, inns, museums, shops, restaurants, spa and golf course are now right on your mobile device.

On our trip to Colonial Williamsburg, we found the app helpful in seeing where the bus stops were located for the free shuttle that takes visitors around the Revolutionary City.

Customer Reviews for the app have been overly positive:

by Hepburnhouse

This keeps me smiling to know what's going on at anytime during the day!
Very helpful
by Hump710

The app is great for comparing hotels and seeing where you might want to take the family to dinner.

I found that I wanted to get up early in the morning and check out the app for the daily events that would be offered. No more carrying around a pamphlet or guidebook.

I've seen and reviewed quite a few app for travel destinations and vacation interests, but the Colonial Williamsburg Explorer is one of the best when it comes to ease of use and the information that can be access right on your mobile device's screen.

Download the iOS app here:

Download the Android app here:

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