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Colonial Plantation. July events brings history to life

Colonial Plantation, an authentic 18th Century farm-slide0
Kathy Martin ( Colonial Plantation

This 18th Century working farm springs and splashes to life with three July events for kids and adults. A pirate attack, tours, and summer concert offer active participation and home-spun Americana fun.

Really authentic farm life

Seated on 112 acres, the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation is a unique farm that has been actively worked for more than 250 years. Astride land that is part of Ridley Creek State Park, the farm is easily accessible yet so well preserved in its 18th Century time capsule of Americana. Currently the farm includes horses, ox, cows, geese, turkeys, lambs, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, and a new added three week old calf. Life, as it was for Colonial families, including the Pratt family who resided here from 1720 until 1820, is hard to imagine. But the authentically restored buildings, and live demonstrations of daily life in the 18th Century, help transport visitors to imagine how challenging it truly was for Colonial families. From seeing the barn loom to make fabric, to viewing their kitchen garden, farmland and barn where they grew their food and tended the animals, these truly were the hard old days. What springs from the experience, is the sheer ingenuity and brilliant resourcefulness that was necessary, just to survive. It is these noble characteristics, and the pure simplicity of the Americana folk art, that is at the core of our patriotism, yet easily forgotten. The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation’s events will hopefully engage your connection to its history with plenty of simple fun. Encouraging active participation, these July events will surely make for memorable outings that are far from ordinary.

Fun in July

July 12th suggests swimsuits and old shoes as pirates will be attacking the 18th Century farm and house of the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation. In addition to foot races and water balloon toss, youngsters will be encouraged to run the maze and the gauntlet while sprayed by water. Picture opportunities are bound to be interesting from this afternoon event. The following day, a bit calmer, house and farm tours are scheduled. Animal lovers can meet the assortment of farm residents and history buffs will be amazed by the authenticity from the house tour. The third July event is set for the evening of the 26th, when a summer concert will be held. Featuring the Black Horse Motel band, toe-tapping, spirited harmonies are to be expected from this Philly-based Americana band, who continues to gain in popularity. Plan some fun as you step back in time, back to the 18 Century, with the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation’s fun July event schedule. History can be fun, especially when it features pirates, animals and live Americana music.

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