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Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation: 18th century Labor Day event

Welcome sign to walk the bridge onto an authentic 18th century working farm
Welcome sign to walk the bridge onto an authentic 18th century working farm
Kathy Martin ( Colonial Plantation

Let’s face it, when we think of Labor Day, we rarely think on the real tasks of labor experienced by Pennsylvania families of the 18th century. Yet, you have that opportunity to do just that. A special event at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation, an authentic 18th century working farm, invites your witness and celebration.

Of labor and fun

Labor Day weekend, is a celebration of a different kind with the event titled Salute to 18th Century Labor and Celebration. The Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation presents a day of witness to period work, as well as, period fun, on this authentic working farm. In addition to the house and garden tours, presented demonstrations will include woodworking, long rifle, and working with a variety of textiles. Of course the games are of the colonial period, and there is always the aroma from the home cooking on the hearth. The timing is also right at the plantation’s brewer for home-grown hops to be applied to make beer. The laboring plantation workers, or so called members in period dress, will be driving the horses, milking the cows, spinning and weaving and making tools. Watching all this work, as witness to the everyday labor of the 18th century, is certainly reason to celebrate Labor Day. You will be forever grateful of the improvements in our daily lives with regard to what was required to make all that you need. But perhaps, a bit of melancholy will also be felt for some of the simplicity that we have lost. Bear witness and see what you think.

Farm animals a plenty

For children, and the animal lovers among you, there are plenty of farm animals to meet at the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation. In addition to the horses, pigs, cow, sheep, and all sorts of chickens, ducks and geese, there is now also a new 10 week-old calf. Set in the lovely preserved landscape of Edgemont Township, as part of Ridley Creek State Park, the Colonial Pennsylvania Plantation sits on 112 acres and offers an authentic living history site of an 18th century farm. Hours are 11:00 am until 5:00 pm during this Labor Day weekend event. You are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and where suitable shoes as you watch and learn, witness and celebrate during this very unique salute to Labor Day.