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Colonel Meow dies: Internet sensation's sudden passing shocks fans

Internet sensation Colonel Meow has died. The long-haired cat whose serious stare entertained and captured the hearts of many passed away Wednesday night. His owner shared the news on Colonel Meow's Facebook page on Jan. 30.

The post from Meow's owner “Slave Beast,” Ann Avery, did not share many specifics, noting that she needed a few days to grieve before saying more. She added, “Thank you so much for your understanding, Minions.” The love and support from all of Colonel Meow's friends clearly is a big help in this tough time. The post garnered nearly 30,000 “likes” in just a day, along with more than 27,000 comments.

Colonel Meow was only 2 years old, but Today notes that he had heart problems that had caused hospitalization, surgery and a blood transfusion this past November. The Himalayan-Persian crossbreed became quite the sensation on Instagram and Facebook, and he is even in the Guinness World Record books for having the longest hair on a cat.

Fans are shocked and saddened to hear of Colonel Meow's death, and many would say there will just be no way to replace this grumpy-looking cat in terms of social media entertainment.

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