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Colon cancer signs symptoms and treatment

Symptoms of colon cancer are not always easy to spot they may be hidden for several years before you notice something is wrong. Some of the signs and symptoms of colon cancer are: blood in stool, some sort of change in bowel movements, diarrhea or constipation, abdominal pain, iron deficiency, weight loss, fatigue or weakness.

These are only a few of the signs and they may be signaling something else, just because you show some of these signs it does not mean you have colon cancer.

But if you are showing any or a combination of these signs and are not sure what the cause go to your primary care physician and find out what the cause of your health problems are.

Treatment of colon cancer:

There are different methods of treating colon cancer depending on your doctor and his preferred choice (but remember it is your body and ultimately it is your choice).

One of the most common treatment is surgery. They also use Chemotherapy or radiation therapy among other treatments. You can discuss the different methods with your doctor if needed.

According to an article at LuminariaPost ‘Colorectal cancer is the 4th most common cancer in both men and women.’ Visit their website for more information with colon cancer resources and warning signs, symptoms and treatment options.

According to Foods That Harm Foods That Heal an A-Z Guide to Safe and Healthy Eating by Reader’s Digest there are certain types of foods that help fight cancer such as ‘fresh fruits and vegetables, high-fiber legumes, and whole-grain breads.’

The fruits they suggest to eat are citrus and the vegetables dark green and yellow. They also state foods to avoid are ‘Foods that may contain pesticide residues and environmental pollutants.’ These should be avoided by all who wish to stay healthy. The book also states; ‘Doctors warn against heavy use of alcohol.’

The American Cancer Society says:

‘Thanks to improvements in prevention, early detection, and treatment, more than a million people in the US count themselves as survivors of colon cancer.’



The Cancer Center at Cancer Treatment Centers of America for information such as diagnostics and treatment they are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week call anytime 800-515-1214 or have the option to chat online.

If you want to try to avoid many diseases not just cancer think about changing your diet by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily intake.

Eat more raw or lightly streamed vegetables to get more nutritional value out of every bite and say no to processed foods they are killing us all slowly.

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