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Colombian police officers ambushed and killed by terrorists

Colombian government officials on Monday decried and condemned a deadly ambush on law enforcement officers carried out by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known internationally as FARC, guerrilla group on police. The attackers killed five police officers and wounded three, according to officials.

The FARC fighters continue to target police officers and soldiers assigned to combat terrorism.
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The squad of officers were attacked by FARC, which is listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department, while on an eradication operation in a coca field near the city of Taraza , Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon announced at a press briefing on Monday.

The minister stated that the Colombian federal police officers were killed they were performing their sworn duty to fight drug trafficking. FARC's actions only force the government to continue fighting the illegal armed group, according to Pinzon.

A Colombian National Police spokesperson stated that the FARC terrorists used improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and fully-automatic military rifles to attack the officers who were occupied with the eradication of the coca plants that would have been used to manufacture cocaine.

Despite repeated attacks on federal officers, the police operation to eradicate illegal coca plants will continue in the region, according to U.S. drug enforcement officer Douglas Cinero.

While members of both the Colombian government and FARC have been involved in peace talks in Havana, Cuba, since November 2012, the Marxist group that uses drug trafficking operations to fund their political and terrorist activities continues to kill and wound members of Colombia's police forces and military.

The two parties said in a joint statement they are "committed" to finding a "definite solution to the problem of illegal crops. For the moment, we can say we have the first draft of the solution guidelines."

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