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Colombian poet offers to sell his testicles for $20K

As a desperation move to promote peace in Colombia a poet there has made an unusual offer that loudly blares a serious message to people that he's absolutely and totally concerned about needing to get the peace message out. Raffael Medina Brochero is a poet and has made this offer which appears to be totally serious.

This British man escaped kidnappers which is epidemic in Colombia.
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The Huffington Post reported this story today. Other sources have reported the asking price was $200K.

According to the source I cited he has suggested that maybe his testicles could be used to place in a person who wants to replace his old (used?) testicles. He also suggested these could be replacement (what?) testicles for some , perhaps, lost somehow.

Here's a troubling thought he suggested: maybe someone could make soup with them. I didn't make that up. I couldn't make that one up.

He has offered to sell his testicles to the first person who gives him $20,000 for them. Both of them. Uhhhh! He wants to promote his peace message with a European publicity tour to promote his message which is displayed through poetry. So his money will be for something and not for nothing.

In this world of David Letterman I bet some of you might have thought this man was just doing it for fun when you first heard the partial story.

That money-- from selling his testicles--will start the ball(s) rolling to get him an operating room appointment scheduled and remove those pesky things that are worth a lot to most people. How much would you demand--or request--for yours.

Remember he's asking for $20K for the pair. He's not willing to give up just one. Of course he'll be fitted (fitted?) with some replacement ones (walnuts, filberts, Brazil nuts, or pecans you might be thinking as a joke.) No, actually he'll be given synthetic ones.

Dare I say it: he'll be given a new pair of synthetic ones. I guess they'll be new. To be accurate they're not actual nuts: they are, of course, testicles. It's very authoritative sounding.

Let the jokes begin. This could be an entire comedy special on just this story.

His new synthetic testicles (nuts sounds better for some reason) will be made of plastic I believe though I couldn't get anyone to speak to me authoritatively what synthetic testicles are actually made of. Perhaps they're made of the resin of tree sap.

Do you know anyone in need of a pair of 52-year-old testicles: slightly used I suppose you could say.

I guess there will soon be ads on intenet sites about this very story I told here advertising this man's offer.

This is, honestly, not a fake story. It's real: really.

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