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Collision Conference in Vegas Hosts Tech Startups and Investors

Collision Conference
Collision Conference

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. In the case of the Collision conference in downtown Vegas last week, that wasn't the case. Thousands of people showed up to check out the hottest new startups from around the world, listen to amazing speakers tell their tales, and pitch their ideas to tons of investors who showed up to find their next deal.

Collision Conference

Rackspace hosted an impromptu filming of investor pitches to heavy hitters like Michael Johnstone from Mark Cuban companies. Wemo was there to show off their awesome technology and give away their plug-in Wi-Fi devices. Food trucks and coffee baristas were abound to keep the entrepreneurs energized. There were informative roundtable discussions and startups got to pitch on stage in front of a crowd of excited professionals.

On of the most memorable talks was with Matt Mullenweg who developed Wordpress and just received $160 million in funding. Wired editor Spencer Reiss asked Mullenweg what technologies are being used most often. "I don't think it's exactly what people are using most often, but what they are using together. For example, some people use WordPress as their blogging platform, others use Tumblr or Blogger. What you'll find is that people will share their content on Facebook and Twitter, as well as other social networks to spread awareness." said Mullenweg.

After the conference each day, Collision hosted many events at co-working spaces, Container park, happy hours and dinners, and really awesome get-togethers at cool places in Vegas. "It's great to see so many companies gain access to valuable feedback and investors while having a great time here in Downtown Vegas. This place is magical, and I'm glad to have facilitated this for entrepreneurs around the world.", Paddy Cosgrave, CEO of The Summit, said of the conference. This was definitely one of the best conventions I have ever been to, and I have been to several for my tech startup. Besides speaking to at least 20 investors, I was able to pitch on stage for Michael Johnstone, and I was able to get valuable feedback from many entrepreneurs and investors about my company. Can't wait for next year!