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Collindale Golf Course: Championship fun in Fort Collins - front 9

Hole #1 at the Collindale Golf Course in Fort Collins, Colorado
Hole #1 at the Collindale Golf Course in Fort Collins, Colorado
Deb Schaffer

From our perch on the deck of the restaurant, we counted the number of times the man in the blue shirt passed in a golf cart. We had to find out why he kept driving by us, and why that older gentlemen followed him in his own cart like a golden retriever. It was a lovely morning in Fort Collins, Colorado and we were having breakfast before our round at Collindale Golf Club. It was a Saturday morning and we were playing at 10:30 – just the two of us.

Collindale Golf Course, Fort Collins, Colorado
Deb Schaffer

Collindale is a city-owned course, one of several in the Fort Collins area. This course is a favorite of the Colorado Golf Association, and several statewide tournaments have been held here over the years.

After we finished the last mimosa, we headed to the first tee. This hole is 539 yards from the tips and 428 from the red tees, making it the longest par 5 for the short tees on the front nine. The fairway is lined with trees, and you’ll want to stay in the middle or be shooting from under the canopy. Number 2 comes back parallel with #1, but loses about 100 yards in the return for a par 4. On #2, the back tees shoot over a pond. The fairway is straight, so a decent shot should be fine.

Hole #3 heads back with a slight right dogleg, at 434 from the backs, making it a par 4 from the back tees and a par 5 from the fronts at 387. There’s a pond to the right of the green on #3 that isn’t easy to see so long hitters want to stay left. These fairways are all lined with trees, making it challenging if shots get in the rough.

Hole #4 is a par 4. It’s pretty straight, with a swampy area extending into the fairway within 100 yards of the green. Keep right to avoid the water, but watch the left front bunker guarding the green.

Number 5 is the first par 3 on the front nine. It’s a long, with the front tees at 158 yards, and 229 from the tips. There’s a deep bunker on the left guarding the green, but it was manageable for us. Number 6 is another par 5, at 401 from the reds and 589 from the tips. Long ball hitters should like this one if they can stay out of the trees. There’s a pond on the right about 200 yards from the green, making the fairway shift to the left. There’s not much danger once past the pond.

Number 7 winds around the back of the course, another par 4 rated 13 for the back tees. There is a bunker guarding the green to the left. Hole #8 is the final par 3 on the front nine, and par is definitely possible here since the distance is 88 yards from the reds and 178 from the tips. The green is slightly elevated and there is a narrow approach between the two bunkers in front.

The front nine finishes with a par 5 for the front tees at 402, and par 4 for the backs at 480. It’s a slight dogleg left, with a pond lining the right side for about half the distance of the fairways. The tee boxes are set behind the small stream that runs through to the pond near hole #6. Again, there are plenty of trees, so players want to stay straight down the fairway.

The front nine is long from the front tees, though it’s not so hard to be unplayable for a high handicapper. Long ball hitters will enjoy the long and mostly straight fairways, as long as the ball doesn't land under a tree.

For a review of the back nine, see Collindale Golf Course: Championship fun in Fort Collins - back 9.

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