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Collindale Golf Course: Championship fun in Fort Collins - back 9

Hole #11 at Collindale Golf Course in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Hole #11 at Collindale Golf Course in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Deb Schaffer

Collindale is a city-owned course, one of several in the Fort Collins area. We played this course in June 2014 and really enjoyed out round. To read about the front 9, go to Collindale Golf Course: Championship fun in Fort Collins - front 9.

Collindale Golf Course, Fort Collins, Colorado
Deb Schaffer

The back nine is a bit shorter, playing 2614 yards from the front tees and 3544 from the way-back Black tees. Number 10 is a par 4 that is a straight 383 from the Reds and 452 from the Blacks. There is a pond on the right at about the half way mark, but it shouldn’t be in play. Eleven is a long par three with a very narrow approach. The bunkers leave very little room to run the ball up the green. Hole number 12 is identical to #4.

Number 13 is the longest hole on this back nine. It’s a slight dogleg left with a pond left of the fairway about half way, though the pond should not be in play. About 100 yards from the green, there’s an arroyo that cuts through the fairway. Once over the water, the green is open. Fourteen takes a sharp dogleg left, with a stream cutting through the fairway about 150 yards from the front tees. The turn comes about 60 yards from the stream. There’s a bunker to the right of the green.

Luckily, number 15 is a doable par 3, with only a left, greenside bunker that can be avoided. The green on number 15 slopes back to front quite a bit. On 16, the stream is in front of the tee boxes for the short par 4. Seventeen is a slight dogleg left, with a fairway bunker set about 150 yards from the green to the right. Once past the bunker, there’s a pond guarding the right front of the green, and a bunker on the left making for a narrow approach to the green.

Hole #18 is a straight par 4, with a pond running about half the length of the fairway up to the green on the left. The green is slightly elevated, slopes back to front and is surrounded by bunkers on the left and right. The trees that line the fairway on the right seem to trap balls

This is a fun course to play. It’s not particularly hard for the high handicapper, and gives long ball hitter opportunities to get in a long drive. The entire course plays at 7157 from the Black tees and 5420 from the Red blocks. If you’re up in the Fort Collins area, it’s a great way to spend a few hours.

Collindale Golf Course, 1441 East Horsetooth Road, For Collins, Colorado 80525, 970.221.6651

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